Taibah Valley is a platform for innovation in future technologies and a catalyst for startups

When His Excellency the Director of Taibah University, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sarrani, years ago inaugurated the “Wadi Taibah” company affiliated with the university, everyone who oversaw the launch of this project knew the urgent need for more than a traditional university idea. It has its own added value.

scientific reseach
The university’s activities are not limited to providing an educational product only, but its activity extends to academic and educational investments and initiatives, which have contributed to the development of educational facilities and academic curricula, attracting scientific competencies, developing research, and others.
It forms the “Wadi Taibah” company, which is a limited liability company owned by the endowment of Taibah Scientific University and was established according to the Saudi Companies Law.

The dynamo is the engine of innovation activities, scientific research, the development of educational cadres, and the provision of technical and research tools to carry out investment work in the fields of education, educational, administrative, and economic consulting, information technology, real estate, and other fields of investment. And the knowledge economy in Madinah, and its mission, to contribute to the development of the resources of Taibah University through effective and sustainable investment and community partnerships.
The company aims to develop and develop the university’s investments in the targeted areas, and to contribute to the transformation of innovations and inventions into emerging companies that provide value-added products, and to encourage venture capitalists to finance innovative and creative projects adopted by the company.

Change the future
TAIBAH VALLEY The Founder and CEO of Wadi Taibah Abdulrahman bin Ali Al-Olayan says: “Wadi Taibah Company seeks to leave a positive change for the future by providing the best solutions and programs that are most developed and appropriate for launching companies and providing technical solutions and consulting to new entrepreneurs.

Our values ​​are uniqueness in innovation, creativity and excellence. Thus, Tiba Valley contributes to shaping a promising future for the countries of the Middle East in the fields of consulting, strategy, training, artistic production, advertising, media, and organizing international conferences and celebrations.
The company holds competitions and within the framework of developing human resources and searching for creative ideas, the company launches competitive competitions to discover and develop the creative capabilities of young people, similar to “Tiba innovates”.
The Taibah Competition is an integrated journey to discover and develop innovative capabilities. The journey includes training on various tools for generating innovative ideas and acquiring entrepreneurship knowledge and skills for the startup industry that contributes to job creation and economic development.
On the other hand, Wadi Taibah Company has worked to provide consulting and technical support and provide ideas and technical solutions to Saudi companies. During the past year, it signed a partnership agreement with a company
Sadara Chemical Company on the “Athar” project, which includes providing consulting, research and development services, at the company’s headquarters in Jubail Industrial City.

The project aims to apply the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, blockchain technology, the Internet of Things and augmented reality to develop the management of logistics operations and supply chain management in the company. , improving future transfers, and enhancing trust between all entities linked by smart contracts.
The agreement was signed by the CEO of Sadara Company, Dr. Faisal Al-Faqir, and the CEO of Wadi Taibah Company, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, in the presence of the Director of Taibah University and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wadi Taibah Company, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sarrani.

Al-Faqeer explained that the agreement comes as a rooting and activation of joint cooperation between the two sides in taking the necessary steps to benefit from providing cooperation in several fields, which enhances future goals between the two companies. And the CEO of Wadi Taibah Company, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, stated at the time that the (Athar) project, which operates through a platform, will enable the management of supply chains in real time and in real time, thanks to the built-in sensors that feed the blockchain with data free from human error that is documented in records, stating that a number of From the parties and segments that will benefit from this project.

Wadi Taibah Company also signed an agreement with Elm, one of the national companies specialized in the field of information security, with the aim of developing the Digital Education Certificate product, which works on documenting and authenticating educational certificates to contribute to building the innovation system and linking it to economic products. At the headquarters of Wadi Taibah Company in Medina.
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, CEO of Wadi Taibah Company, explained that the development of the educational certification authentication product will contribute to the speed and efficiency of performance through the use of blockchain technology, which is used in storing and verifying digital transactions and academic certificates with a very high degree of security and ease of sharing between different entities.
Dr. Al-Olayan added that this product is another step in the development and launch towards innovation with the knowledge of one of the leading innovative companies in digital transactions.

Technical posts
Wadi Taibah Company annually participates in the “GITEX” exhibition, and its participation was for the year 2019 AD in Dubai, distinguished by presenting “Blockchain” technologies, the Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and AR VR gaming technologies.
The CEO of Wadi Taibah Company, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, said that the participation in the exhibition in its 39th edition came as part of the company’s keenness and interest in presenting the most prominent technical projects that it is working on and relies in general on modern technologies, considering the exhibition as a platform for holding contracts.