“Sadaya” signs a memorandum of understanding with “Wadi Taiba” company during the LEAP 23 conference

Today, the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SADAIA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the “Wadi Taibah” company, to discuss the establishment of a center of excellence for data and artificial intelligence.
This came during the Leap 23 conference, in which “Sadaia” participates as a partner for data and artificial intelligence, and concludes its work today at the headquarters of the Riyadh Front for Exhibitions and Conferences.
The memorandum was signed by His Excellency the Director of the National Information Center in “Sodaya”, Dr. Essam bin Abdullah Al-Waqeet, and His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Wadi Taibah”, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Qabalan Al-Sarrani.
The aspects of cooperation in the memorandum included supporting research, development and innovation in the areas of data and artificial intelligence, building and developing prototypes that serve the agricultural, health and educational sectors, facilitating access to data and information necessary to build and test prototypes, in addition to establishing a studio for emerging companies in the field of data and artificial intelligence and supporting companies. Emerging startups through the annual “Taiba Innovates” competition, holding a hackathon and training camps in the field of data and artificial intelligence